Ep. 55: Sacrifices a Mom Makes with Adrianne Wright

Sacrifices a Mom Makes with Adrianne Wright PIN

Sacrifices a Mom Makes with Adrianne Wright

Adrianne is the Founder and CEO or Rosie, a boutique storytelling agency for nonprofit organizations, people and brands who are doing good in the world.

She is also the Co-Founder of I Will Not Be Quiet, a community group that creates a sacred space for women to learn about the political and social issues that impact their lives.

Adrianne is a passionate advocate for gender equality and how we can empower one another to close the gender gap.

Prior to Rosie, Adrianne spent over a decade developing signature, mutli-channel communications programs from the ground up.

Her career reflects diverse experience- from promoting the launch of MTV’s The Hills to international audiences and establishing Car2Go across the US to driving community engagement around education reform in marginalized communities.


The Unspoken Topic

  • There are no shifts or traditional workdays when you’re a mom. It takes enormous sacrifice. The childcare duties and career duties are endless. There is never time off. You’re always ON. 

What We Cover

  • The work Adrianne does with her nonprofit to empower their efforts of doing good.
  • How to be the most productive you can be.

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Key Takeaways

  • We need to stop challenging ourselves to find our balance.
  • The most important thing to remember is that it’s not about balance- it’s about managing your workload.
  • There’s no traditional workday. How do we define it for ourselves? And remember that each mom’s definition is different.
  • Becoming an efficient worker is the key to accomplishing things throughout the day.
  • Have an honest reckoning of when you work best. Then structure your week so it flows with your optimal productive time.
  • Planning some self-care midweek will help make the week feel less stressful.
  • Pay attention to your self-talk. It makes a huge difference in how you talk to yourself.
  • We can all be the change we want to see. A lot of it is about our willingness to embrace and stand in our truth.

Actionable Solutions

 How to Optimize Your Week to Be Most Productive

  • On Sundays, have an honest conversation about your workload and what needs to get done that week.
  • Think about what days and times you are most productive.
  • Ask yourself how you need to be taken care of in order for all of this to be able to get done.
  • Schedule all of the most important tasks at the optimal days/ times of your peek production. 
  • Schedule self-care midweek.
  • Slay all day! 




How To Keep Sex Life Alive

Just do it!

Advice for Mom Starting a New Business with Limited Child Care

  • Before you do anything, think long and hard about what you are going to do and why you are driven to doing it.
  • Set an intention and journal to understand your hidden purpose.
  • Focus on your core narrative and then from there, figure out the rest.

Doing Differently in Parenting

  • Helicopter Mom

Most Excited About

  • Her clients. She’s so excited because they have a lot of tenacity they bring to the world. 

Adrianne’s Gift For You

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Mama Has a Minute 

  • Favorite form of self-care:  Massage
  • What is the best parenting advice you’ve ever received: Sleep training
  • Share your favorite parenting hack: None
  • Share 1 product your children cannot live without: Mickey Mouse
  • Share 1 book and whyLeapfrog by Natalie Molina
  • What motherhood means to you: Motherhood is taking a pause to take in everything every moment even thought they’re sticky. Life has never been so full or so rich.


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