Ep. 04: The Cost of Mom Guilt with Brie Sodano

The Cost of Mom Guilt with Brie Sodano

The Cost of Mom Guilt with Brie Sodano

In this episode, we talk with Brie Sodano, founder of Sheep to Shark, a financial planning firm that works specifically with women who aspire to succeed financially by overcoming barriers they encounter in the workplace, in personal or family relationships, and often when trying to balance the demands of time and money.


Brie helps her clients :

  • Accurately assess beliefs about money that affect the way they behave.

  • How to identify and implement solutions to the “where in the heck did my money go?” syndrome.

  • How to get actions to align with their goals.

  • How to embrace habits that build wealth.

For 10 years Brie worked in the nonprofit sector, and though the work was fulfilling, she found herself being overworked and underpaid.


So, she decided to become a financial advisor to better understand her situation.


Once she stepped into that new role, she realized that people at all income levels were living paycheck to paycheck and that the barrier to wealth is getting your financial house in order.


She believes that anyone can be wealthy if they’re willing to put in the effort to learn how money works.


The Unspoken Topic

  • Mom guilt is the most expensive emotion on the planet.

What We Cover

  • Why budgets don’t work.
  • Brie’s 5 step process to bullet-proofing your finances.
  • How to create boundaries around money with your kids.

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Key Takeaways

  • Own the “NO.” Don’t let money be the reason you say no to something your child is asking. Tell them the real reason why you are not going to buy something.
  •  Talk with your partner to agree on when “mission complete” is. Where does the financial burden end when it comes to something for your kids? If you buy them a car, who is paying the insurance, gas, etc. Come up with a plan and stick to it.
  • Budgets don’t work!
  •  Your IQ lowers 12-15 points when you have financial woes.
  • You’re doing great mom! The crazy expectations we put on ourselves are impossible to uphold. Give yourself some grace! You’re killing it!


Actionable Solutions

 Brie’s 5 Bank Account Process to Managing Your Finances

  • MONEY TO INVEST: Saving to keep, employ, money that will work for you. Pay yourself first.
  • DEDICATED BILLS: Mortgage, utilities and credit cards.
  • WORKING CAPITAL: Irregular bills, heating oil, snow removal, loans that come out quarterly, foreseeable disasters (copays, car repairs), family parties, weddings, self-care that doesn’t happen often like getting your hair done.
  • IMPORTANT THINGS: Vacations, remodels, jet skis… whatever is important to you.
  • POCKET MONEY: Groceries and gasoline. Autonomous money for each person in the family. 
Make sure to not dip into accounts. Start with true numbers and then guestimate how much you need to save per account. Play with it until you get it right.


Hardest Decision To Make as a Mom

  •  Starting her Starting her business while her kids were really young. She still feels like she is making up for that decision.

A-ha Moment About Parenting

  • If your child says they are performing an experiment, it just means they are making a huge mess!

Most Excited About

  • Taking her program on the road and going national! She’ll be in Chicago, Miami and San Diego. Join her email list if you want in!

Brie’s Gift

Financial Freedom Quiz & Guide

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Learn how close you are to financial freedom with Brie’s Financial Freedom Quiz and Guide. Type in your email address below to get access to this incredible gift. You’ll be opted into her list, as well as Not Your Mother’s Podcast. 

Mama Has a Minute 

  • Favorite form of self-care: Walking in the woods.
  • Best parenting advice ever received: What makes great kids, makes lousy adults.
  • Share your favorite parenting hack: Let a piece of your sanity go. Do your best.
  • Recommend one baby/ kid product you cannot live without: Board games.
  • Share your favorite book and why:  Rich Dad, Poor Dad because it gives a different perspective on finances.
  • Mama to Mama words of wisdom: Freeze your credit cards to remove impulsive purchases. 

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