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Mom Talk: How to Take Charge and Transform The Toddler Years with Raising Children You Like;
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Mom Talk: How to Take Charge and Transform The Toddler Years with Raising Children You Like

How to Take Charge and Transform The Toddler Years with Raising Children You Like

Today’s Mom Talk is a special episode where Sonnet and Veronica share about a big unsaid- the deep inner work of the parent to heal and transform their past, so they do not pass these triggered old ways onto their children.

You can know all the tricks and all the tips in parenting, but if you don’t do the work to examine why you can’t stay regulated, why you end up yelling, end up spanking, or maybe blaming your kiddos… the tricks and the tips won’t work.

We all know there are some things we don’t want to pass along to our children, but still in those heated moments, we find ourselves acting out what our parents did.

Parenting is about leaning into the work of identifying these wounds and then healing them so we can stop the cycle for good. 

The Unspoken Topic

  • The secret to raising children you like is to heal your old wounds so you don’t pass them onto your children. Children are incredibly gracious. They are more than willing to hold your crap if you hand it over. 

What We Cover

  • Tips on examining your inner work.
  • The pain of our past and how that’s shown up in our parenting.
  • The key to raising a new generation of people.

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The Raising Children You Like Program

  PART 1: Taking Charge of The Toddler Years

  • Understand all the different kinds of tantrums and how to soothe them.
  • Learn how to discipline without yelling or reverting back to old methods that don’t work.
  • Picky eating strategies
  • Screen time hacks
  • Bedtime ease
  • Tear-free doctor visits
  • Getting aligned with your parenting partner
  • Creating house rules the whole family can stick to

PART 2: Transforming The Toddler Years

  • Stop the cycle: Examine your past, your blocks, your walls, and learn how to restructure them in new and healthy ways
  • Set and model healthy boundaries with your loved ones
  • Tackle sibling relationships and cultivate friendships instead of rivalries
  • Fight fairly in front of your children with your parenting partner
  • The ABC’s of Body Awareness
  • How to raise resilient and empathetic children
  • 45 typical toddler problems and how to respond like a pro




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