Ep. 98: Reflect and Release 2020 and Step Into 2021 with Tools and Strategies to Create the Life You Want to Be Living with Caz Gaddis

Reflect and Release 2020 and Step Into 2021 with Tools and Strategies to Create the Llife You Want to Be Living with Caz Gaddis PIN

Reflect and Release 2020 and Step Into 2021 with Tools and Strategies to Create the Life You Want to Be Living with Caz Gaddis

Caz helps moms rediscover themselves in mental energy, clarity and confidence so they can lead an intentional life with impact at home and as More Than a Parent.

As both a Personal Power Coach and a Holistic Business Mentor, Caz feels most alive when she’s helping others break through what’s holding them back from showing up and living the life they want to be lived through them.

Through the “Raising Kids and a Biz” video podcast, Caz invites moms to make space for themselves to have their kids live their best lives, too.

She’s the proud wife of filmmaker Les Gaddis and mom of two-under-three.

The Unspoken Topic

  • You have the power to control where your energy goes. When you have too much on your plate or in your head, you can’t show up as the person you want to be for yourself or others. 

What We Cover

  • Tools and exercises to help release the good and bad of 2020.
  • Tips on building up every area of our lives.
  • Steps to grow both personally and professionally that can be implemented now.

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Key Takeaways

  • Understand there is a process to creating what you want and also being a mom. It takes time to figure out where to put your energy.
  • There is a difference from serving from your overflow and serving from exhaustion. 
  • In this journey of motherhood, lean into trust.
  • Ask yourself what is the next best thing for you. What do you really need in this moment to give you what you need so you can give to others?

Actionable Solution

 How to Reflect on 2020 and Create What You Want for 2021

  • STEP ONE: Keep a spirit of gratefully ambitious.
  • What are you really grateful for and what would you like to be different?
  • STEP TWO: Find the open and closed loops in your life.
  • What are all the things that are distracting you each day that you are trying to get done in between everything else? 
  • Make a list and cross one or two off each week to clear your energy.
  • STEP THREE: Release how you are feeling around the new year by journaling.
  • Buy a super cute journal that inspires you or find an app on your phone to journal.
  • The point is to be consistent so find something you can stick to.
  • STEP FOUR: Make a list of what you need to forgive the year for and what you need to forgive yourself for.
  • This will release stuck energy and help you close the loops.
  • STEP FIVE: Check your overall goals.
  • What would you want each area in your life to look like?
  • Pick an area a month to focus on.
  • STEP 6: Make sure to laugh.
  • Your body doesn’t know the difference between real laughter and making yourself laugh.
  • See how your energy changes with laughter.

Mama Has a Minute 

  • Favorite form of self-care: 4am Wakeups.
  • Best parenting advice ever received: Making her own.
  • Parenting Hack: Giving her daughter 5-10 minutes of attention and then getting the same time for herself.
  • Product Child cannot live without: iPads.
  • Share 1 book:  Daring Greatly.
  • What motherhood means to you: Motherhood is a creative being creating beings.

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