Ep. 15: Living a Life of Passion After Tragedy with Christine McAlister

Living a Life of Passion After Tragedy with Christine McAlister-PIN

Living a Life of Passion After Tragedy with Christine McAlister

Christine McAlister is the author of The Income Replacement Formula, a proven and simple way to help women escape their 9 to 5.


Christine works with clients to get a crystal clear plan for walking away from their dreaded day job with confidence, knowing they’ve covered all of their bases and leaving nothing to chance.


She also helps her clients acknowledge their passions and imagine living a life doing what they love, and actually getting paid for it!


The Unspoken Topic

  • An epidemic of fear and self-doubt stops moms from living a life of passion. It’s not lack of knowledge, resources or time. 

What We Cover

  • Why going through a tragedy can propel your growth.
  • How to gain confidence on a daily basis.
  • How living a life of passion and getting paid for it is attainable.

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Key Takeaways

  •  You can create a legacy out of your tragedy by becoming the next level of who you are.
  •  We all have passions. It’s just our choice whether or not to use them.
  • You don’t have to go through a tragedy to follow your passion. You just have to answer the calling in your heart.

Actionable Solutions

 How to Gain Confidence through a Confidence Resume

  • Make a list of every single thing you’ve accomplished since you were a little kid. 
  • Ask family, friends and neighbors who knew you back then what qualities you had that were quirky and made you stand out.
  • Include all of the things you’ve had to overcome. 
  •  Look at the list daily or whenever you are feeling like you need a list of accomplishments to look at.


Hardest Decision To Make as a Mom

  •  Balancing being a mom and having a successful career.
  • Choosing to give up the guilt of becoming a mom.

A-ha Moment About Parenting

  • Give yourself permission to be YOU!

Most Excited About

  • Having conversations like the one on the show about how to think and operate like an entrepreneur in today’s world.

Christine’s Gift


Christine is gifting the incredible chapter of her life-changing book “The Income Replacement Formula” to help mamas escape their 9-5 and start living a life of passion. Just type in your email address so you can get access to it! You’ll be opting into her email list, as well as ours to receive even more goodies!

Mama Has a Minute 

  • Favorite form of self-care: Horseback riding.
  • Best parenting advice ever received: Help a child feel securely attached and the rest will largely take care of itself.
  • Share your favorite parenting hack: Always having a granola bar in the car.
  • Recommend one baby product you cannot live without: Magic Merlin Sleep Suit.
  • Share your favorite book and whyThe Big Leap.
  • Mama to Mama words of wisdom: There’s power in being real and sharing your stories so you can help each other live the best version of ourselves.

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