Ep. 71: How to Talk to Your Company About Creating a Work-Life Balance for Parents with Christy MacGregor

Ep. 71: How to Talk to Your Company About Creating a Work-Life Balance for Parents with Christy MacGregor PIN

How to Talk to Your Company About Creating a Work-Life Balance for Parents with Christy MacGregor

Christy MacGregor is a mom of three (4-year-old twins and a 1-year-old), who recently began her dream job as Chief Parent Officer and General Counsel at Colugo, a baby-gear brand that has been touted as the “Warby Parker of Strollers.” 

Christy leverages her legal background and experience as a mother to lead market research and to create events and content in support of Colugo’s mission to give parents the confidence they need to take on the adventure of parenthood.

The Unspoken Topic

  • Not being able to be transparent about life as a parent in the workplace creates a level of anxiety and guilt that it hinders your productivity. It’s best to create a plan with your company so you are able to perform great in both roles.

What We Cover

  • How to speak to your manager so you’re able to create a work-life balance plan that makes sense for you and your employer.
  • Life with twins and how to navigate that lifestyle. 
  • How her and her husband created the dream jobs they’ve always hoped for.

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Key Takeaways

  • It sucks to work at a place where you have to pretend you don’t have a family.
  • But we are in a time where paternity leave is becoming a norm, which is shedding light on the reality of so many employees.
  • Build trust with your managers and let them know your top goal is to become a more efficient employee and that will require flexible hours. 
  • Always reaffirm your stance at the company when asking for something that benefits your personal life so they can remember how great of an asset you are.
  • Do your best to humanize the relationship with your managers.
  • Working parents are the most efficient people on the planet!

Actionable Solutions

 How to Create a Work-Life Balance

  • Be a model to the other people by sharing a public calendar with your personal time blocked off but visible so people can see how you prioritize your family.
  • Encourage working parents to do the same. 
  • You can still block off time on your calendar and don’t have to say what it’s for.
  • Find a manager who you trust and relate to and begin the conversation of time shifting your role.
  • Begin by asserting your goals and commitment to the company and then request to either dedicate some time in the early morning or the late evening so you’re able to do the parenting duties you desire to do.




Hardest Decision Made as a Mom

She did IVF for all 3 kids. And when she was having her son, the road was difficult and suffered a miscarriage. Continuing down that path while having the twins and working full time at a law firm was really difficult.

 How To Have  a Smooth Marriage When Working Together

She and her husband realized that when they are annoyed with each other, it actually means they need to spend more time together. 

What Are You Most Excited About

Her business! She is really enjoying working with and talking to other parents about their needs and being able to produce a product to really help them out!

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Mama Has a Minute 

  • Favorite form of self-care: Watching The Bachelor.
  • What is the best parenting advice you’ve ever received: Say YES as often as you can.
  • Share your favorite parenting hack: If kids resist taking a nap, just tell them they don’t need to go to sleep but they need to rest in bed.
  • Share 1 product your children cannot live without: Colugo Carrier.
  • Share 1 book: Nothing to See Here.
  • What motherhood means to you: Motherhood is hanging out with her favorite people she created and being able to experience this amazing feeling of getting to hang with her crew.


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