Ep. 114: How to Increase Safety For Your Child When Using Social Media with Ed Peisner and Marc Berkman

How to Increase Safety For Your Child When Using Social Media with Ed Peisner and Marc Berkman PIN

How to Increase Safety For Your Child When Using Social Media with Ed Peisner and Marc Berkman

ED PEISNER: After his family suffered a social media-related tragedy in 2016, Ed Peisner decided to dedicate himself to the goal of ensuring that no other family had to endure such a terrible ordeal. So, after a long career in business, Ed founded the Organization for Social Media Safety and travels the country teaching students, parents, and educators how to stay safe on social media.

MARC BERKMAN: Marc serves as the CEO of the Organization for Social Media Safety, which he has grown into a prominent national consumer protection organization that protects against all social media-related dangers like cyberbullying, hate speech and human trafficking. Under his leadership, the Organization for Social Media Safety has taught social media safety skills to thousands of students, parents, and educators across the country; passed into law essential social media safety legislation like Jordan’s Law, the nation’s first law to deter social media-motivated violence; and helped develop software and apps to protect against social media-related dangers.

The Unspoken Topic

  • Actively practice social media safety is a must to keep our children safe.

What We Cover

  • The steps to put in place to keep your children safe from the dangers of being online.
  • Tips of sharing photos of children on the internet.
  • How to cultivate a healthy communication line between you and your kids to have a full scope of their engagement on social media.

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Key Takeaways

  • Parents don’t  need to be an expert on each social media platform. Do your research on OSMS.
  • Social media has a number of angers and there are a number of things you can do to help maximize your child’s safety.

Actionable Solution

 How to Keep Your Child Most Safe When Using Social Media


  • Have a conversation with your child to teach them about the dangers that are on social media.
STEP TWO: Rules.
  • Give your child rules around how they can use social media and what to do if they see dangerous activities.
STEP THREE: Calibrate.
  • Calibrate their settings for parental control and set time limits.





How They Implemented Screen Safety In Their Homes

  • They have conversations with their children about the social media dangers, what is allowed, and there are settings on their phones to keep them from accessing restricted content. They also have time limits set.




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