Sonnet Simmons Matthews

Sonnet and Cairo

Sonnet is a songwriter, singer, music licensor and vocal coach in Los Angeles AND new mom. When she’s not navigating the waters of new mom life with diaper changes and peek-a-boo, you can find her writing a new song for an ad or album, in the studio putting down some vocals, pitching songs to a tv show or commercial, or helping her clients connect to their truest strongest voice.

You might have heard her before on ABC’s Rising Star with Josh Groban, on an Overstock.com or Coca-Cola commercial, or maybe on some fun TV shows throughout the years.

Becoming a mom has brought many new joys to Sonnet’s life. Figuring out how to balance work, family, and Self has been one of her biggest new challenges.

Throughout all her work, Sonnet hopes to set a strong example for her daughter on being present, showing up for your dreams, doing the work, and taking time to enjoy life every step of the way.

Sonnet lives in LA with her husband and little girl Cairo.


Veronica Morales Frieling

Veronica is a digital marketing service provider in Los Angeles. She is a forward-thinking, service-oriented person who creates win-win scenarios in every relationship. Digital marketing has allowed her bold talents in communication, new media, marketing, operations, relationship building, and social good to shine.

Veronica is fueled by youth entrepreneurship since producing the documentary Tomorrow’s Roundtable.  

She believes in providing the tools and resources necessary for kids to be able to start their own online businesses, and she does so through her nonprofit 501c3, The Little CEOS. 

Veronica started her journey into entrepreneurship as a private money lender in California. She was unsatisfied with the lack of quality in marketing materials offered by niche companies, so she decided to learn it herself.

The world of digital marketing exploded Veronica’s imagination, so she decided to pivot and become a service provider. That turned out to be a great move, as Veronica became a new mom and is now able to work from home while raising her baby girl.

Now that Sonnet and Veronica have tread the unknown waters of motherhood, they are driven to providing actionable advice to others moms who are navigating their new role by interviewing experts that can help with things like postpartum depression, body issues, sleep, nutrition, connecting with your partner, etc.

Sonnet and Veronica hope to provide a platform for women to rely on for valuable information and build a community so they know they are not alone in this wild journey of motherhood.