Ep. 74: Everything You Need to Know About VBACs with Julie Francom and Meagan Heaton

Everything You Need to Know About V-BACs with Julie Francom and Meagan Heaton PIN

Everything You Need to Know About VBACs with Julie Francom and Meagan Heaton

Julie and Meagan are Co-Founders of VBAC-Link, an organization to make birth after cesarean better.

Along with eing doulas and moms, they have a passion for all things VBAC and empowering parents to play an active role in their pregnancy and birth.

With 4 kids under 6, Julie is always caffeinated and takes pride in finding new ways to encourage her kids to help tidy up. Her current fave is cleaning dance parties!

Meagan is always on the go. Between doulaing for clients, running half marathons, and speaking and teaching VBAC, she likes long walks around the block with her husband at night so they can connect and catch up.

The Unspoken Topic

  • A lot of people think, “once a c-section, always a c-section,” but vaginal birth is a safe and reasonable experience after c-section.

What We Cover

  • What to look for in a doctor to know whether or not they are truly able to guide you ina VBAC.
  • How to create your birth team.
  • Why people have a hard time believing they are able to give birth vaginally after having a c-section.

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Key Takeaways

  • Your OB makes all the difference in your ability to have a successful and stress-free VBAC.
  • When looking for a provider to support your birth, be careful of the bait and switch. Have a real conversation with them about their stance on VBACs. Ask open-ended questions to get their real thoughts.
  • If your provider says your baby is “large,” you have a 33% higher chance of having a c-section. This is only based on the perception of your provider.
  • A doula will help you navigate through your journey of birth, and on whatever you decide.
  • If you’re trying to understand what the PROS are for vaginal birth, they can be 1. Gut flora 2. Recovery 3. Can help with nursing 4. Avoiding major surgery 5. Baby on chest faster.

Actionable Solutions

 How to Prepare for a VBAC

  • First, put together your birth team: OB, doula, friend, and family member.
  • Get educated and learn all you can about VBACs. The more you understand what you want from your provider and the hospital, the easier it will be to ask for it.
  • Trust yourself and trust your intuition. Bodies birth babies! You were created in such a divine way to be able to birth babies.
  • When you couple knowledge with intuition, you’re able to guide you to the perfect answer.

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