Ep. 09: The Truth About Fostering a Child and Giving Yourself Permission to Be a Messy Mom with Momstrosity

The Truth About Fostering a Child and Giving Yourself Permission to Be a Messy Mom with Momstrosity PIN

The Truth About Fostering a Child and Giving Yourself Permission to Be a Messy Mom with Momstrosity

Stephanie Hollifield and Elize Morrill are next door neighbors, besties, and mothers of 9 children through foster care, adoption, and pregnancy.


 They’re also bloggers and imperfect moms who offer a fresh approach to motherhood by providing uplifting, humorous and relatable content and community to help moms recognize their value and foster lasting relationships with other women.


And they do this all through their lovechild- Momstrosity.


The Unspoken Topic

  • Moms feel like they have to be “ON” all the time and we don’t give ourselves permission to express our negative emotions because there isn’t a safe space to do so.
  • After you get over the hurdle of addressing the trauma of why a child was placed for adoption, you’re just raising a child, just as if they are biological.

What We Cover

  • Why it’s OK to be a messy mom.
  • The different ways you can get involved as a foster parent.
  • Tips on how to talk to your partner about becoming foster parents.

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Key Takeaways

  •  Having one child is like having 5. The same level of stress is there. It’s no different.
  •  Adopting through the foster care system can be free, whereas if you go the adoption route, that can costs thousands and thousands.
  •  Some people foster for a couple of days, others for seasons, others are forever homes. You can choose how involved you want to get.
  •  Foster kids just want a family to love them. 
  • If you’re afraid to give too much love to a child that won’t be in your forever home, Momstrosity argues that that’s the type of love that child needs, no matter the time frame. 

Actionable Solutions

 How to Talk to Your Partner About Fostering

  • Have the conversation years before you actually begin the process.
  • Have an honest conversation about what it is you want and allow them the space to do the same.
  • Never pressure them into doing something they are not comfortable or ready to do.
  •  Ask them to go to classes with you.
  • Try it out for 2 weeks to see how it goes. 
  • Give yourself and your partner the permission to know that it’s OK to not connect to a child right away. Sometimes it takes some time.


Hardest Decision To Make as a Mom

  • How to structure their families. Knowing which children to say yes or no to. Knowing when their family is complete.

A-ha Moment About Parenting

  • You can’t be everything to everyone all the time. Choose to do 1-2 things a day and be OK with not getting to the rest of the things on your to-do list. 

Most Excited About

  • Momstrosity in general! They’ve gotten really great feedback from people and are excited to be fostering this community.

Momstrosity’s Gift

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Mamas Have a Minute 

  • Favorite form of self-care: Stephanie: Driving alone in her MiniVan with the windows rolled down and playing the loudest, most vulgar rap music. Eliza: Hottest bath ever with epsom salt, essential oils, candles. 
  • Best parenting advice ever received: Stephanie: Don’t take too much credit for your kids’ success but don’t take too much for the failures, either. Eliza: You can’t do it all.
  • Share your favorite parenting hack: Stephanie: Schedules and routines. Eliza: Stroller dinners. Have dinner on a walk at twilight and let the kids make a mess..
  • Recommend one baby/ kid product you cannot live without: SlumberPod. It’s a canopy that goes over the bassinet/ pack and play that blocks out the light. Throw in a sound machine and viola!
  • Share your favorite book and whyStephanie: The Hate You Give because it goes into issues minorities face. Eliza: Present Over Perfect because it gives you permission to be a less-than-perfect parent.
  • Mama to Mama words of wisdom: There isn’t one right way to parent. There isn’t a perfect formula to make the best kid. We all just need to support each other. 


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