Ep. 28: How to Transition to Be a Stay at Home Mom with Nicole DeLeon

How to Transition to Be a Stay at Home Mom- PIN

How to Transition to Be a Stay at Home Mom with Nicole DeLeon

Nicole DeLeon is no stranger to a busy schedule, as she is a mom of a vivacious little toddler and stepmom to two teenage boys. Nicole is also a certified yoga alliance instructor of ten years who has always had a natural affinity for helping get others inspired and fired up about their health and wellness.

After having her baby in the spring of 2017, Nicole realized how isolated and disconnected moms and parents can feel when playing the role of caretaker to everyone in their lives. As an exhausted new mom, Nicole became interested in hearing stories from other women and how they handled the ups and downs of motherhood and how they found alignment and joy in their own lives without feeling guilty for taking care of themselves. 

Nicole knows first hand how the high levels of stress and responsibility that arise as a parent can cloud a person’s vision and purpose. The Soul Mamma’s Podcast and community was born out of the hope that she can connect women together so they don’t feel alone on their journeys. 

The Unspoken Topic

  • In order for you to transition into being a stay-at-home mom that lives a purposeful life, you need to be able to ignore the naysayers of what they think you should do and that begins with practicing true self-love and know what it is that ignites you. 

What We Cover

  • How to find your inner voice so you can listen to it.
  • How to check if you are out of alignment with your purpose.
  • Transitioning to being a stay-at-home mama and shutting up the naysayers.

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Key Takeaways

  • Knowing that you are worthy and you are enough is what you really need to believe to keep the naysayers away from what they say you should be doing with your life.
  • If you let the outside world tell you what to do, you will not find happiness. Learn to trust yourself.
  • Listen to those whispers you’ve been hearing since you were a child. Reconnect to that inner voice through meditation or quiet time.
  • There is no need to compare yourself, especially with people on social media. Instead of doing that, understand that you have a unique voice and a story to tell.
  • The best thing you can do for yourself is to be transparent
  • Learn how to ask for help so you can get the space to be productive and be sure to offer your voice to the world. It needs it!

Actionable Solutions

 How to Find Your Inner Voice

  • If you are trying to redefine your purpose, write down what people say about you. As your family and close friends what qualities they like about you that help you shine.
  • What are your favorite memories of childhood? What activities were you into? Make a list and see how that can translate into doing something as an adult.
  • Make time to be quiet, either through meditation or just reflecting before you go to sleep. See what your inner voice is saying to you.

How to Check to See if You Are Out of Alignment

  • Ask yourself, “what do you despise doing?” What are the things that you resist doing?
  • Think about the things that are screaming at you. 
  • Those tend to be the things that show you are out of alignment. 
  • It is going to be scary to confront these realizations but have the courage to navigate through this so you can live the life you want.




Hardest Decision To Make as a Mom

  •  Deciding to stay home instead of going back to work because of the positive reinforcement we get from society to “bounce back” and being able to “do it all.”

A-Ha Moment About Parenting

  • She is just as loveable as her daughter. She has been so hard on herself throughout the years and she realized that she deserves the love and attention she gives her child. 

Most Excited About

  • Her podcast and the Soul Mammas Coaching Circles. Also starting virtual meetings.

Nicole’s Gift

Nicole DeLeon- Freebie

For us mamas, self-care is usually the first thing that goes out the window. But we must realize that in order for us to be our best selves, we need to take care of ourselves! That’s why Nicole put together these  5 incredible tips on how to practice self-love. To receive this wonderful gift, type in your email address and you’ll receive instant access! You’ll also be opting into both of our email lists so you can receive even more goodies!

Mama Has a Minute 

  • Favorite form of self-care: Surfing.
  • Best parenting advice ever received: Slow down and enjoy it, it all goes by too fast.
  • Share your favorite parenting hack: Podcast intros in the truck when mom is with baby.
  • Recommend one product your children cannot live without: Bob stroller and beach wagon.
  • Share your favorite book and why: You Are a Badass because the author is so funny!
  • What motherhood means to you: Motherhood has changed her entire everything. It broker her open and rearranged her better than she could’ve ever imagined. It’s a breath of fresh air to focus on someone else and not just her.


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