Ep. 115: Passing Down Anxiety Onto Your Children with The Pedi Pals

Passing Down Anxiety Onto Your Children with The Pedi Pals PIN

Passing Down Anxiety Onto Your Children with The Pedi Pals

Samir and Ana are two full-time practicing certified pediatricians who live in Texas.

They are also co-founders of the Pedi Pals, a company dedicated to helping parents sift through misinformation online.

The Pedi Pals have a podcast and YouTube channel called The Well Child.

The Unspoken Topic

  • Anxiety is a learned behavior. Children will watch your anxiety and they will in turn, become anxious too. Be aware of your own anxieties as a parent when you are raising children.

What We Cover

  • How anxiety shows up in children.
  • A step by step plan for helping you manage your stress and anxiety so you can teach your children a different way of coping.
  • Hope for parents who feel overwhelmed.

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Key Takeaways

  • Fill your cup first, it’s not selfish and it really makes you the best parent for your kids.
  • Trust your mommy gut and be careful what you believe and read online.

Actionable Solution

 How to Lessen Anxiety and Stress

STEP ONE: 3 Pillars

  • Focus on the 3 pillars of health which are sleep, nutrition and environment.
STEP TWO: Environment.
  • Work on your mental health and foster that for our children. This is the foundation of our health.
STEP THREE: Nutrition.
  • Fill your day with whole foods to help balance moods and keep the body healthy.
  • Create good night time routines. Put away screens before bed. Have a bonding moment before bed. 





Favorite Book

  • Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker




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