Bonus: How to Get Your Kids to Eat The Food You Make Them with Bryana Kappa

How to Get Your Kids to Eat The Food You Make Them PIN

Bonus: How to Get Your Kids to Eat The Food You Make Them with Bryana Kappa

Our favorite therapist is back on the podcast talk all about picky eating. As moms of toddlers, we were having such a power struggle around food and reached out to Bryana so should could help us wrap our heads around why our gals wouldn’t eat the food we were making them.

We are excited to share her insight.


What We Cover

  • Why toddlers have a power struggle around food.
  • Ways on how to stop being a short-order chef for your child.
  • How to set up your child for success when it comes to family meals.

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  • Some children are picky eaters due to sensory issues. If that is the case, we advise you to speak with an occupational therapist professional who can help.

Key Takeaways

  • It’s common for toddlers to be picky eaters. This is how they assert a sense of control of themselves and their environment.
  • Parents struggle with this because we too, have a sense of control and we put so much emphasis on whether or not we are good parents by how our children eat.
  • We know if our child is being a picky eater because their eating habits are a repeated stress for the parent and child.
  • We ease our own stress by putting the children in front of the television, but what then happens is the child loses the ability to read their body’s cues. 

Actionable Solutions

 How to Set Up Your Dinner Table

  • Always offer bread and butter at the table. If your child will eat nothing else, you know they’ll have some carbohydrates and fat at least.
  • Structure the meal with something you know your child will eat. If you know they like cheese, make sure there is cheese in what is being served.

The Division of Responsibility

  • Your Responsibility: What is being eat, where and when.
  • Your Child’s Responsibility: How much they eat, and whether they eat any of it.




Put it Into Action: Handling Picky Eaters

  • If you’re struggling with your picky eater and need more support and even more action-packed information, we’ve put together a course together that can do just that. Click here for more information.

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