Resource Guide

Hey mamas, we put together a resource guide of products and services that we love, that we use, that we want to recommend to you because we think they might enhance your life.

Take the worry and guesswork out of the first year of exposing your child to allergenic foods.

Ready, Set Food is a product created by an allergist mom to help moms expose their children to the top allergenic foods in a safe and controlled way starting at 4 months of age.

And for our podcast listeners, this will coupon code will give 40% off the first month of any subscription of Ready, Set, Food! Products.

And if you need a reason to love this product even more… they have a giving back program where any family who has lost their income- due to COVID-19, or any low-income (SNAP-eligible or EBT-eligible) family can receive a 6-month supply of Ready, Set, Food products for free!

Offer rules: (ex: Limited to one use per customer, cannot be combined with other offers): One application per customer. First-time subscribers only. Cannot be combined with any other offer.  

Go to ReadySetFood.com and enter the code NOTYOURMOTHERS

The Unspoken Topic

  • It’s okay to say, “I’m not okay.” It’s okay to ask for help. “This is more than I can handle right now.” You don’t have to pretend everything is okay when it is not.

We love Monti Kids, a Montessori-based toy subscription company that sends you beautiful wooden, age-appropriate toys for your kiddos to enjoy and learn from them for several months or years beyond that. They are designed to grow with children, presenting new challenges as they develop. 

It’s so hard to keep your kids entertained and learning!!

If you wonder what toys your child should be playing with to promote their best language, motor, cognitive, and social-emotional skills, Monti Kids takes the guesswork out and send them right to your door! Boom!

And for our podcast listeners, Monti Kids is giving $50 dollars off your purchase PLUS free shipping using the code MOTHERS.

Go to Montikids.com and enter the code MOTHERS


Another service we LOVE is Better Help. It’s online therapy! 

As mamas, it’s really hard to get out the door and get to therapy and talk about all the incredible things that are going on in your life like career, mom-life, marriage, identity, all the aspects of being a mom and being a woman and being a human being. 

So Better Help offers you the ability to confidentially meet with a therapist online, via video, text, audio.  


it’s more affordable than traditional therapy, and it’s convenient for that #momlife. 


Better Help is offering our listeners 10% off their first month! 


So go to BetterHelp.com/NotYourMothers and enter the code: Not Your Mothers to get that 10% off.

Ever wonder how we get things done over here at Not Your Mother’s Podcast? 


Well, it’s with the help of Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee and tea elixirs. 


Mom-life wears you out, coffee doesn’t always help and really, it’s not that deeply nourishing. We are obsessed with Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee! It’s so good for your whole being.


It’s also packed with antioxidants, Lion’s Mane for enhanced concentrations and rehabilitation of the nervous system, helps fight stress and increases mental endurance. Mama! You need this. We all need this! 


They also have some amazing rehabilitating non-caffeinated options too. 

Check them out at foursigmatic.com/mothers  and make sure to use the code MOTHERS for 10% off! 


Another thing that we love that we’ve been talking about a lot is The Invisible System by Brie Sodano. 


If You’re wanting to change your relationship with money and create better spending habits that you’ll pass along to your children, these free masterclasses are a game-changer. 


Just go to NotYourMothersPodcast.us/Money to watch them and learn.

Receive 8 weeks daily of video content, featuring expert advice on the best care practices to safeguard your mental, emotional and physical health after giving birth, so that you can better enjoy your postpartum life. 


Get access to interviews from midwives, doulas, lactation consultants, sleep consultants, and more! 

Plus: receive additional information, tips and resources you need, that will point you in the right direction toward your total postpartum wellness!


Just go to Betterpostpartum.com/not-your-mothers-podcast to watch them and learn.

Personalized supplements for all your health stages. 

From period management, to when you’re trying to get pregnant, to when you’re in the post-baby years.


My Binto customizes your daily supplements that tailored to YOUR body, and your body only.


You’ll get 20% off your first month when you use the code notyourmothers.

Take the quiz of which ones are the best for you at