Ep. 99: Our Biggest Learning Lessons of 2020 with Sonnet and Veronica

ur Biggest Learning Lessons of 2020 with Sonnet and Veronica PIN

Our Biggest Learning Lessons of 2020 with Sonnet and Veronica

In this episode, we reflect on our biggest takeaways of 2020, along with sharing our favorite episodes and how we’ve applied the practical tips from the guests into our personal lives. 

What We Cover

  • Tools and exercises we’ve implemented this year.
  • Our favorite episodes of 2020.
  • Exciting updates with Raising Children You Like.

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Favorite Episodes

The Secret To Slowing Down Your Busy Life with Heidi Stevens

  • A lot of what needed to be repaired and healed was exposed in 2020 and Heidi taught us to slow down our busy lives in order to get ahead. 

How to Create a Life You Love with Amanda Walker

  • Amanda taught us the gift of journaling. Journaling is something you hear all the time, but how Amanda explained it, just hit different.

How to Heal After a Parent Dies with Dara Kurtz

  • We then deepened our journaling practice after chatting with Dara Kurtz and learning about the parent-child journal. We also have given ourselves permission to have journaling be whatever it needs to be in order to fit into our lives. It may not be ideal how we are doing, but the point is we are being consistent with it. 

 How to Live a Life with Healthy Boundaries with Dr. Ashurina Ream

  • Dr. Ashurina Ream aka @pscyhedmommy taught us that how people respond to our boundaries does not mean that the boundary isn’t valid. How they respond is their responsibility, our responsibility is to hold firm to our boundaries. 

  • And even though our dream isn’t to travel the country in an RV, we were really inspired how Michelle has been able to create the life she wants and has included her family into it- including a toddler! This conversation made us feel like we can accomplish anything!

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