Ep. 56: How to Create the Motherhood Experience You Dream Of with Sunit Suchdev

How to Create the Motherhood Experience You Dream Of with Sunit Suchdev PIN

How to Create the Motherhood Experience You Dream Of with Sunit Suchdev

Sunit is an author, speaker and holistic lifestyle coach. 

She is passionate about inspiring women to DIY their most healthy, holistic and high vibe life in motherhood.


The Unspoken Topic

  • There is no one way to parent a child. You can have the motherhood experience you want and can raise your kids however you want. You are in charge of making the rules, and you are allowed to change them anytime you want. 

What We Cover

  • How to get your kids to meditate.
  • Tips on using essential oils instead of Tylenol or harsh cleaning products.
  • How to create a life by design rather than by default.

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Key Takeaways

  • When people complain to you about motherhood, that’s a great opportunity to take a mental note about that struggle so you can find a solution for when you get into that situation.
  • You get to decide how to parent your kids. If you don’t want to play with them on the floor, you don’t have to. Your kids don’t have to be in extracurricular activities. It’s your choice- and nobody else’s.
  • Rather than offering people alternative ways to parent, show them so they can see for themselves how it looks.
  • Instead of saying, “I can never do something like that.” say “how can I…” and see where that question leads you.
  • To figure out what type of parent you want to be, look at people whose parenting styles you love and do what they’re doing. Say no to things that don’t serve you.

Actionable Solutions

 How to Get Your Kids to Meditate

  • Children are natural meditators because they are naturally mindful.
  • Like anything, if you want your kids to meditate, you’ve got to set the example. 
  • Have them sit with you and ask the to focus on one thing. For example: ask them to envision a snowman. What does he taste like, feel like, look like, etc. 
  • You can also put a stuffy on their belly and have them do deep belly breathing. Ask them to focus on the stuffy going up and down with the breath.
  • Start with one minute per the child’s age to sit mindfully.
  • If the word “meditation” is triggering for you, call it “being in the moment,” or “quiet time.”




How to Overcome Conflict

Communication and a willingness to learn is the savior of her marriage and parenting.

Doing Differently in Parenting

  • She was raised in an East Indian culture where they couldn’t really do much, but were raised to care what people think. Sunit is raising her children to not look elsewhere for validation.

Most Excited About

  • She is loving motherhood. Her essential oils business is really taking off and she is overall excited about all the things in her life. She’s also doing a lot of traveling.

Mama Has a Minute 

  • Favorite form of self-care:  Meditation
  • What is the best parenting advice you’ve ever received: Only take advice from parents whose parenting style you align with.
  • Share your favorite parenting hack: It’s ok NOT to play with kids.
  • Share 1 product your children cannot live without: Stuffy.
  • Share 1 book and why: Hold On to Your Kids, Why Parents Matter
  • What motherhood means to you: Motherhood is allowing your children to be your greatest teacher and use it as an opportunity to grow and then lead by example.


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