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Mom Talk 01: Creating Boundaries for Your Baby as a Single Mom with Rose Alhanti-Ayala;
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Mom Talk 01: Creating Boundaries for Your Baby as a Single Mom with Rose Alhanti-Ayala

Creating Boundaries for Your Baby as a Single Mom with Rose Ayala PIN

Creating Boundaries for Your Baby as a Single Mom with Rose Alhanti-Ayala

Rose Alhanti-Ayala grew up in Los Angeles to a family in the entertainment industry.

After suffering from domestic violence during her pregnancy, she decided to leave her husband at 6 1/2 months pregnant to begin her journey as a single mom.

The empowerment that came with that decision afforded her the strength to learn how to create boundaries for her son with other people.

She shares her experience with us to hopefully gleam some insight and inspiration on what it’s like to be a single mom and what you can do to create better boundaries for your baby.

The Unspoken Topic

  • Creating boundaries especially with people touching your kids, and being a single mom in a world where pictures with families in matching outfits is praised on social media.

What We Cover

  • Why creating boundaries with other people is important when it comes to protecting your child.
  • Productivity hacks so you can get things done with a baby when you don’t have any help.

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Key Takeaways

  • Your baby can’t talk for themselves so it’s our responsibility as their parent to protect them.
  • Why do parents feel bad for setting a boundary with other people? It seems like women in general have a hard time setting the boundary. We feel guilty when we do so.
  • Being honest and concise and especially GENTLE when setting the boundary with family is important because they love your child and may be offended over that boundary.
  • Women are so powerful. Throughout our lives, people try to put us in pockets. But we are meant to bloom and flourish. We are worth it to grow.
  • Women make incredible decisions without any hesitation. We just need to stick to our gut instincts.

Productivity Hacks

 How to Take a Shower

  • To take a shower: Get a small pack + play and put it in the bathroom while you jump into the shower.
  •  Keep the shower door open so you can keep an eye on your babe.

Preparing Your Meals

  • Either meal prep or sign up for a food delivery service to have healthy meals ready for you. 
  • This will save time on grocery shopping and cooking the actual meal.

Getting in a Workout

  • Find activities that you can include your baby in.
  • Rose loves to go on hikes. She uses a baby carrier and wears her son.

Getting Work Done

  • Rose is a social media influencer, so she partners with brands that can also feature her son in the photographs. 
  • If her son is not in the photographs, she has him playing just to the side of the camera, because he is always with her.




Hardest Decision To Make as a Mom

  •  Every decision was hard after leaving her husband because they had planned to do everything together. She had to do everything herself. But once she made the decision to take action, she realized how liberating it was and it became easier. 
  • Breastfeeding was also hard for Rose, but she stuck with it and the payoff has made her incredibly happy.

A-Ha Moment About Parenting

  •  Knowing that everything is going to be OK. Everything that is happening is supposed to be happening . If you had plans or ideas of what the motherhood journey was going to be, let them go and give into this experience. It’s truly a magical one if you are open to being present for it. 

Mama Has a Minute 

  • Favorite form of self-care: Washing hair, bikini wax and getting nails done.
  • Best parenting advice ever received: Do what’s best for you and your child or do what’s best for you and your children. Because every child is different and has their own needs.
  • Share your favorite parenting hack: Pack + play in the bathroom to take a shower.
  • Recommend one product your children cannot live without: Euphoric Herbals Baby Balm because they get rid of any rash or bug bite within an hour. Also the electric nail file for baby nails.
  • Share your favorite book and why: Just Listen by Mark Goldstein because it teaches you how to listen effectively and communicate with people who don’t know how to listen. It also teaches them how to listen without them realizing it.
  • What motherhood means to you: Motherhood is the ultimate gift from God. It’s gratitude, kindness, paying it forward, a humbling experience and pure love.


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