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Bonus: Essential Oils to Replace Cleaning Products and Tylenol with Sunit Suchdev;
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Bonus: Essential Oils to Replace Cleaning Products and Tylenol with Sunit Suchdev

Bonus: Essential Oils to Replace Cleaning Products and Tylenol with Sunit Suchdev PIN

Essential Oils to Replace Cleaning Products and Tylenol with Sunit Suchdev

Sunit is an author, speaker and holistic lifestyle coach. 

She is passionate about inspiring women to DIY their most healthy, holistic and high vibe life in motherhood.


What We Cover

  • Tips on using essential oils instead of Tylenol or harsh cleaning products.

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Actionable Solutions

 How to Replace Tylenol for Pain

  • Copaiba acts on the cannaboid system like CBD without any THC. 
  • If your baby is teething, pop a drop on your finger and put it on their gums.
  • If applying topically, add a drop into coconut oil and apply to skin.
  • If you want it to get into the lungs, add 2 drops into a diffuser and mix with water.  





 How to Replace Tylenol for Achey Muscles

  • Deep Blue is a special DoTerra blend you can apply to achy muscles.
  • This blend is great if your child is experiencing growing pains
  • You can purchase a Deep Blue rub that you can apply topically to the achy muscles, buy the pure oil to dilute with fractionated coconut oil or a roller that’s already been added to coconut oil.





 How to Replace Tylenol for Inflammation

  • Frankincense is the father of all oils and is a must-have for your home. Not only does does it reduce inflammation, it is incredible for cell rejuvenation- goodby wrinkles!
  • To use on your kiddos, you want to diffuse it or apply topically.





 How to Replace Tylenol for Fevers

  • If you’re not already, follow Elisa Song for all things fever. She gives incredible tips on what to do. 
  • When applied topically, peppermint oil is incredible at cooling the body.
  • Peppermint oil is also great to use as a post-sun spray to cool your skin.





 How to Replace Kitchen Cleaning Products

  • Lemon is wonderful in the kitchen. 
  • Get a 1 liter glass bottle and fill it with half vinegar and half water. 
  • Add 30 drops of lemon oil.
  • Lemon is also a great degreaser
  • You can also mix in, wild orange, clove, and oregano. All of those have been proven to be great germ killers.
  • DoTerra’s OnGuard blend is also a really great one to use.





 How to Replace Bathroom Cleaning Products

  • Tea Tree is incredible for the bathroom.
  • If you’re looking to replace Comet, just add baking soda to the surface prior to cleaning.





 How to Replace Overall Cleaning Products

  • DoTerra’s OnGuard blend is also a really great one to use.
  • The OnGuard blend can also be taken internally to support immune system and cardiovascular health.





 How to Create a Beautiful Skin Regimen

  • Rosehip as a base. It’s kind of like olive oil.
  • Add in a few drops of Frankincense and Copaiba.
  • You can add Blue Tansy or Yaro Palm to give the serum a boost.


How to Know Which Oils to Get

  • Check for 3rd party testing. The essential oil industry is NOT REGULATED so make sure the company has 3rd party testing where you are able to read the results.
  • Find out where they are sourcing the oils. Make sure the climate and soil are prime so you know you are getting quality oils.
  • Be sure to have someone who will support you. Will the woman at the counter in the mall who you bought from be available for you to ask questions after you’ve purchased? Support is important.





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