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Ep. 21: Why Grief and Sadness Are Natural Emotions to Have As You Transition Into Motherhood with Arianna Taboada;
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Ep. 21: Why Grief and Sadness Are Natural Emotions to Have As You Transition Into Motherhood with Arianna Taboada

Why Grief and Sadness Are Natural Emotions to Have As You Transition Into Motherhood with Arianna Taboada PIN

Why Grief and Sadness Are Natural Emotions to Have As You Transition Into Motherhood with Arianna Taboada

Arianna Taboada is a maternal health researcher, author and owner of a consulting firm that helps female founders intelligently design maternity leave plans that meet their business model and personal needs.

She draws from her expertise as a maternal health professional, combined with her experience as a business owner and mother to provide highly personalized services for service-based entrepreneurs.

Prior to her consulting practice, Arianna worked on maternal health issues for over a decade as a health educator, a social worker in a mental health clinic, a reprodutive health researcher and a yoga therapist.

Arianna lives, works, and plays with her family in Berkeley, CA.

The Unspoken Topic

  • Grief and sadness are totally normal as you transition into motherhood… and should be normalized!

What We Cover

  • What you need to do in order to begin the healing process.
  • Why it’s OK that dreams and aspirations die.
  • How to curate a maternity plan for yourself.

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Key Takeaways

  • Dreams and feelings die when you birth a child and it is totally OK to be sad about it.
  • So much of the motherhood experience feels hard and it’s OK to be frustrated about it.
  • When we acknowledge our feelings like fear, grief and sadness, it opens you up and prepares you for true healing.
  • Likewise, if you are afraid of your feelings, you can’t hold space for healing.
  • Make sure you have the tools and support system that can help you process the not-so-great-stuff along with the excitement and the newness of the experience. That support system is key to help you make sense of things.
  • It’s hard to think about maternity options as an entrepreneur because that typically means you are self-funding your leave and that you can’t take any time off… but you can!

Actionable Solutions

 How to Curate a Maternity Plan for Yourself

  • Find 2-3  business women who runs a business similar to yours that also went on maternity leave.
  • Ask her how she was able to do it. 
  • Gather their responses and create a plan that makes sense for your life.
  • Approach maternity leave with experimentation and curiosity.
  • Don’t be rigid. Design a plan that you can pivot from and that creates opportunities for decision making along the way, so when you need to change something, the plan can adapt to your needs.



Hardest Decision To Make as a Mom

  • Not fixing her son’s baby teeth when he hit them on a life-size toy car and they grew in jagged. She now knows she will miss them when his adult teeth grow in. But he was too young for anesthesia and didn’t feel comfortable going forward with the procedure to fix them

A-Ha Moment About Parenting

  • Arianna used to have a long yoga practice but now she is finding the in-between time to really take in life and be present. She has learned to find spiritual moments in the most mundane tasks which has allowed her to enjoy her life more. 

Most Excited About

  • Her book coming out! The Expecting Entrepreneur- for service-based entrepreneurs to think about how maternity leave can look like. 

Arianna’s Gift

• The Postpartum Eco Map •

Build the support system you need so you can transition into motherhood with ease and grace. The Postpartum Eco Map is designed to visualize, assess and connect all of the pieces needed for you to transition into your new role as a mother. Don’t miss out on this incredible gift. Just type in your email address below and we’ll get it right over to you. You’ll be opting into both of our lists to receive even more goodies!

Mama Has a Minute 

  • Favorite form of self-care: Reading.
  • Best parenting advice ever received: None! No advice is the best advice.
  • Share your favorite parenting hack: Convincing her child that folding laundry is a fun game.
  • Recommend one product your children cannot live without: Pocky Biscuit Sticks. 
  • Share your favorite book and why: When They Call You a Terrorist 
  • What motherhood means to you: Teamwork makes the dream work. Think about who is on your team and lean into them.


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