Ep. 134: Healing Your Body After Having Children with Tighten Your Tinkler

Ep. 134: Healing Your Body After Having Children with Tighten Your Tinkler PIN

Healing Your Body After Having Children with Tighten Your Tinkler

Jenn Lormand is a clinical exercise physiologist and Christina Walsh is a licensed physical therapist who have 35+ years combined professional experience with 5 different childbirth stories that cover the spectrum of traumatic birth injuries, c-sections, and inductions to the “perfect birth experience.” 

Each scenario requires more than what’s being offered as the standard care for women post natal.

The Unspoken Topic

  • The area of expertise of the doctors who help deliver our baby stops shortly after that. Finding support to heal your body after having a baby is possible because there are practitioners out there who specialize in helping you heal.

What We Cover

  • How to tighten your vagina without using kegels.
  • The optimal time to take care of your body.
  • The myths around healing your body and the steps you can take TODAY to start to heal.

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Key Takeaway

  • Pain is a great motivator for people to take action. When pee leaks are getting much worse or the back pain isn’t going away is typically when women will seek support. But you don’t have to live through the pain. There are practitioners that can help you heal your body, at any stage after having children.

Actionable Solution

 How to Start Healing Your Vagina


She’s Doing Differently Than Her Parents

  • Her mom was like Maria from The Sound of Music and was a great inspiration, but it set a bar of expectation that was unrealistic for her. It was hard to admit and come to terms with because she had a fairytale child. Her mom was good at not whosing how hard it actually was to raise four kids. Now that she is a parent, she is walking the line of talking about how hard it is without making her kids feel like it’s their fault because she’s the one that chose to be a parent.

How She Keeps The Connection With Her Partner

  • They schedule day dates ahead of time and take 4 hours to just connect, just the two of them.

Most Excited About

  • How many women they’re happening through their clients and online program.

Mama Has a Minute 


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