We are new moms. The type of moms that researched anything and everything each week of our pregnancies. We knew that we were embarking on the role of a lifetime and did our best to get prepared.

We ate healthily, slept on our left side, went on walks, played classical music to our bellies, gave up sushi, wine, and nested.

We took the sage advice of all the mothers that came before us. We got the swaddles, the boppies, the pack & plays, the pacies…

If we had breastfeeding concerns, we ate oatmeal, drank blended teas, triple fed, cluster fed, and pumped.

And we knew that even though we were prepared, motherhood was going to be full of unknown emotions and experiences. We were warned.

But still, nothing prepares you for becoming a mother. And what’s even more surprising, for all the details of preparation shared in books and blogs, there is so much that is not said, so much not shared, and so many waters left to navigate.

This wild ride can make you feel isolated, fearful, doubtful, unprepared, unaware, unsexy, and marginalized.

You’re not alone. We’re not alone. We can scour Google all night long until we are sick with worry and even more confused. That’s not a great solution.

We want to talk about the things no one is talking about when it comes to being a woman and becoming a mom. We want more answers. We want more solutions.

So we decided to launch a podcast and interview experts to uncover and discuss all of those hushed parts of motherhood that nobody talks about. Topics like what your body and belly pooch look like after pregnancy, same-sex parenting, genetic testing and how to navigate through making decisions, how to cope with the loss of a sex life, fertility treatments, sleep training vs not sleep training, etc.

But we’re not just going to talk about it, we are going to be about it! So each episode is action-packed with quick and actionable steps you can take to improve your life. We also offer a community of support made up of mamas who get you.

It’s a beautiful adventure. And sometimes it’s scary, hard, and selfless…but you’re not alone. Every mom has a different story and our mission is to give each story a voice and to help you feel understood and less alone on this wild ride of motherhood.

Oh! And we KNOW how precious your time is, so these episodes are 20-25 mins. It’s a no-fluff. No B.S. type of show. I mean you’re a mom! So we get straight to the point and give you just what you need to know… and some fun and love are thrown in there, too.